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Visualization panels and symposiums

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I’m sorry I never got around to finishing my review of the IEEE Visualization conference. It was a superb conference though. I would definitely encourage more activities like the

Meet the scientists panel

and the excellent

Impact of Data Visualization panel

I definitely think we need to make more people aware of the impact of visualization. We need more endeavors like the World Visualization Day that Robert Kosara has proposed. Ben Shneiderman and others are holding a Visualization Day at the City College of New York. The huge visualization group has organized a Visualization in the World symposium. [If anyone at UNCC reads this blog, please arrange to have a video of the wonderful talks that some of us cannot attend, thanks 🙂 ]

The beauty of such efforts is that not only does it highlight the excellent accomplishments of our field, but also attracts the attention of domain experts who could use our findings. I think whats even more important is that through them new collaborations can be spawned that can bring about novel visualization challenges. The new avenues that such efforts may open are exciting to me.

If you know of any more such activities that are ongoing, please let me know.

Written by alark

April 25, 2008 at 9:20 am