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NSF Visualization Challenge winners announced

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The winners of the annual NSF Visualization challenge have been announced today. The beautiful visualizations can be seen at

New Scientist has a wonderful gallery that they have created which can be found at

I think my favorite photograph is the Squid Suckers. Its both beautiful and scary at the same time. 

I thought the Human Circulatory system illustration was really beautiful. It provides such a wonderful focus+context style visualization. A larger version of that visualization can be found here

More details regarding the challenge can be found at

The visualizations reminded me of the wonderful Capstone talk that Pat Hanrahan had given at the IEEE Visualization 2004 conference on Self Illustrating Phenomena. I strongly believe that visualization should be self-illustrating and self-explanatory. It should not require lengthy explanations and should provide insight and increased understanding. If you see any such self explanatory visualizations, feel free to enlist them in the comments section.