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Dearth of visualization blogs

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I was looking for some interesting blogs on visualization and found very few.

Here is a list of some that I have found. I may have missed some, so please feel free to write a comment and add some more.

Prof. T.J. Jankun Kelly and his lab at Mississippi State have an excellent blog which is frequently updated. Click here to look at their blog.

Prof. Robert Kosara from University of North Carolina at Charlotte has another interesting and fairly regularly updated blog called Eager Eyes. He has a new series called “list of influences” where he requests famous visualization researchers to list a few of their influences. Influences could be in the form of books, papers and other media.

Infosthetics is a great blog that deals with a wide variety of applications of visualizations that are found on the web.

Matt Hurst at Microsoft’s Live Labs is one of the few people harnessing the power of visualization to deal with the new challenges presented by the data in social media such as blogs. He has an exciting blogwhere he catalogs the use of visualization in the field of social media (blogs, twitters, google trends and so on).

I was not able to find any more blogs that are focused on visualization. If any of you are able to find any blogs that I may have missed, please feel free to add some comments.

Through this blog I hope to present some work that I think is interesting and showcases the power of visualization.


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June 3, 2007 at 5:34 am

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